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  1. Trigger Action Sports offers a family friendly environment for shooters of all abilities and strives to give you the best experience in the industry. We are currently the largest public indoor shooting range in Wisconsin with twelve 100 ft. lanes.  Our facility offers a wide variety of products for all your firearm needs. Training is available covering CCW, beginner to advance firearm courses and first aid. Educational opportunities are offered in both a public and private setting to match your comfort level. Gunsmithing services offered for repairs, cleaning and customization. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. 

Our TAS Family

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Gunsmith, Instructor & Team Member
Instructor, Gunsmithing & Team Member
Part-Time Instructor & Team Member
Josh Verkuilen
Part-Time Team Member
Part-time CCW & Handgun Instructor
Part-Time Team Member
Beyond the Line & Shoot League Coordinator
Part-Time Team Member
Part-Time Team Member & Cerakoter
Part-Time Office Assistant & Membership Liaison
Part-Time Medical Instructor & Team Member
Caleb Lyons
Part-time Team Member
Tom Zieman
ADVANCED CLASS INSTRUCTOR Provides a high degree of tactical and technical proficiency and expertise in support of police agencies across the Fox Valley.
Part-Time Advanced Instructor

Team Members

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Appleton, WI 54913